Hottest and Sexiest Tattoo Designs for Girls

Nothing can turn heads more than seeing a gorgeously sleek and sexy woman walking down the street (uhurmp… not necessarily the song please) sporting some of the hottest and sexiest tattoo designs for girls you have ever seen. Gone are the days when timid and shy girls are the norm. Women right now are much more independent, bold and daring and these can be seen in the number of girls from ages 18 to 50 or higher sporting a tattoo or more anywhere in the bodies.

Tattoo designs have gone a long way in the same manner that many modern women have evolved throughout the years. Tattoos are much more colorful, more intricate and in greater detail that more and more women are jumping into this bandwagon and make a remarkable change in their image and lifestyle.

The following are some of the more popular choices among the hottest and sexiest tattoo designs that mark many modern girls of today.

* Mythical Creatures

Fairies, dragons, angels and other creatures of myth and legends are great choices for tattoo designs that anyone can have on their bodies. These images can create a sense of awe and wonder but in the same time can appear really sleek and sexy as the intricate designs conform to the sexy curves and shapes that girls can have.

* Flowers

Floral designs are one of the more feminine designs that if properly configured can really appear sleek and sexy particularly if placed on revealing areas such as the lower back, the navel area, or even at the curves of the breasts. They can truly be one of the hottest and sexiest tattoo designs for girls of any age. Some of the most favorite flower designs include the rose (complete with thorns) and the lotus flower.

* Snakes

People might think snakes are not really a very feminine design but contrary to this belief, the snake has been a symbol for the goddess in some exotic religions and has been associated with the feminine inner power that women are supposed to posses.

* Tribal Designs

The lower back is one of the sexiest areas that girls have their tattoo printed on and tribal designs are some of the most popular, hottest and sexiest tattoo designs that women choose for this area. It can span the whole lower back and hip area or it can simply be placed in the inner curve just above a girl’s behind, giving the semblance of something emerging from the girl’s panties. Really cool and sexy!

There are several other designs and variations available that women can choose from as basis for their tattoos. More than a fashion statement, these designs bring out a sense of independence and power from a woman but at the same time they can enhance a girl’s femininity and inner beauty that they can only get from the hottest and sexiest tattoo designs for girls.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tattoo Designs

Lower Back Tattoos are of course very trendy right now, and if you're looking for design ideas, visit my official website below for hundreds of tattoo designs for the lower back or anywhere on your body:

Tattoo Designs

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Lower Back Tattoo Designs

I have several Lower Back Tattoo Designs posted at my website. Just click the link below. Also, if you have a custom tattoo design request, just click the "Custom Tattoo Design" link at the bottom of any page. My specialty is old school stuff, but I am happy to design in any style you wish.

Lower Back Tattoo Designs

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Lower Back Tattoos - NEW Cherries Tattoo Design

Hey everyone, here is a new Cherries Tattoo Design I'll be adding to my collection of Lower Back Tattoos. Another spin off of a classic Cherry design. I'm sure the Rockabilly Tattoo lovers will like this one! Click the image or click the link for a wider selection:

Click here for Lower Back Tattoos

Here's a new lower back design I just created:

Lower Back Tattoos

Lower Back Tattoos - A NEW Swallow Tattoo Design!

Here's a new Swallow Tattoo Design that I just added to my collection of Lower Back Tattoos! I like it because it's feminine, but not "too" feminine ;) Swallow Tattoos are still one of my favorite Tattoo Designs. They're simple, sexy and above all ... classic! I hope you like it!Lower Back Tattoos

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lower Back Tattoos

Lower Back Tattoos
Here are is one of my favorite Lower Back Tattoos. It's 5 stars surrounding one big star. I started out by drawing a simple star and filling it in with a solid color. I didn't like the flatness of the fill so I gradiated the fill colors to blend the blue, cream and red. I really like how it turned out and I especially like the Rockabilly look ... and I think my Rockabilly clients do too! I'll post some more of my Lower Back Tattoo designs here soon. You can check out my entire collection of Tattoo Designs by clicking this link: Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Lower Back Tattoos

Lower back tattoos are a body decoration, sometimes intended to emphasize sexual attractiveness. Generally, a lower back tattoo will be designed to emphasize the shape and curvature of the figure. Such tattoos have become popular since the late 1990s. They are sometimes derided as suggestive of promiscuity or as associated with Raunch Culture, and pejoratively referred to as "tramp stamps", "slag tags", and other slang terms.

While the lower back is not the widest area of the human back, it has abundant space for a large design, and horizontal tattoo designs can be worked easily. In contrast to the abdomen, which is otherwise a similar location, the lower back does not stretch significantly during pregnancy or other weight gains, thus providing a more stable site for a design. Lower back tattoos are often left uncovered by individuals wearing crop tops that are designed to expose the midriff, and low-rise jeans that are worn low around the hips.

A Barbie doll with a lower back tattoo was released in 2009.

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